I also carry accessories, including any part for any of the bikes I sell.

Bells ($5)

Classic and retro

Deluxe bells ($7)
Highly recommended - they spin as you ring them.
Baskets ($25)
Baskets come in black, pink, and silver. I also have removable baskets.
*If you are looking for a wicker basket, I (unfortunately) don't carry those. I usually refer people to a local bike shop (Bingham Cyclery is one of my favorites).

Locks ($12)
Extremely tough locks that can be mounted to your bike, and allow you to set your own combination. I also have locks that use keys instead of combinations.

3 Speed conversion kit ($89) ($15 off with bike purchase)
Comes with everything you need to convert a single speed to a smooth-riding, maintenence-free 3 speed. This exact kit sells for between $160 and $180 online.

Included in the kit:
the Shimano Nexus 3 speed, internally-geared hub
Rear rim and spokes - choice of silver, red, pink, or black rim - wheel comes built
Shifter cable

*more parts will be added soon